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Around age 4, I became fascinated with video games. I would save up all my allowance until I could buy my next game, which meant about 1 new game per year :( aside from birthday and Christmas gifts. At around age 9, I started coming up with ideas for my own video games that I hoped to create some day. I didn't know anything about programming yet, so this really only amounted to me drawing up useless concepts and art. A few years later, after talking to my (probably) genius uncle about games and programming, he lent me a few of his programming books. They were pretty advanced for me, and it took me a while to get going, but by the time I was halfway through high school, I was building my own games using a programming language called Blitz BASIC.

When I was applying to colleges, I was still intent on becoming a professional video-game programmer, but once at the University of Florida, I was encouraged to pursue what seemed like the more serious and secure path of electrical engineering. Although we studied C++ in a few of my classes, most of the focus was on circuit design, hardware programming using VHDL, and digital-signal processing/analysis via MATLAB. And throughout the rest of my academic and professional career, I would continue to experiment in my free time with more standard software programming languages like Python and JavaScript.

This website serves as a space for me to show a subset of my most interesting personal projects across the wide range of programming languages I know. In fact, this website itself is the result of a lot of the experience I gained on my previous job as a full-stack web developer. Unfortunately, I can't share my most interesting projects from L3Harris due to proprietary information concerns, but you can read about the highlights in my resume if it's of interest. And if you like what you see here and think I'd be a good fit on your team, please reach out.

You can find my contact info here.